Friday, April 20, 2018

Treasure Boxes
Leila (Jacob's mom) and Marcia (Jaxsen's grandmother) helped the children make these treasure boxes last Friday. We took a snowy nature walk today and some first graders added a few treasures to their boxes. We have been reading books like Only One You and One to share how unique and special we all are and how important it is to stand up for yourself and others. We also read The Matchbox Dairy to learn how you can collect little things to remember important memories. We hope the children continue to add things to their special boxes to remember important events and hold onto things that show how special they all are. Thanks again to Leila and Marcia for helping the children create these wonderful treasures!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


The Snow 
By Brooks
The snow is as strong as a school
The snow can carry a person
The snow can carry a car

By Jaxsen
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like you more than Pooh the Bear

A Kid That Flies
By Kai
Fly fly
Flying is fun
And cool 
But not for parents

By Olivia
Beautiful in the sky
Twinkling up high
Like a diamond in the sky
Rainbow stars

By Wyatt
Race car 
Race cars are racing in the race track
Race car, race car 
Go fast
Race car race car 
Wheels go around and around

Papa's New Truck
By John
It's blue
It's hard to get down
It's a Dodge Ram
It can fit 6 people
It can charge phones
The seats can lift up

By Molly
Outside, outside is fun every time
I love outside
It is fun every time
It's time to go inside

By David
Roses are red
Roses are blue
Roses are sweet
And so are you

Polar Bears
 By Miriam
Let is snow
We don't care
Momma likes you polar bear

By Jacob
Rats humans and squirrels and ants
Can be zapped
But not...TVS!

Monday, April 16, 2018

More First Grade Poems

By Stella F
Wolf, wolf
Sleep in a cave
Owl, owl, owl
Hunt for rabbits
Owl, owl, owl

About Dad
By Levi
Dad hugs me
Dad kisses me
Dad plays with me
Dad helps me

You Go
By Jordan
You go swimming.
You go running.
You go to school.

By Anna
Crayons are red
Crayons are blue
Crayons are orange
Crayons are green
Crayons are yellow
Crayons are purple
Crayons are pink

By Blake
A tree falls out goes the lights
Blowing twigs around
Chainsaws roar
Cold wind meets hot air
Run for shelter
There's a tornado
Hurricane destroys buildings

By Torsten
Crayons are red like lava
Crayons are orange like fire
Crayons are yellow like magma
Crayons are green like paper
Crayons are blue like the sky
Crayons are purple like markers

Friday, April 13, 2018

First Grade Poems

By Stella Carlson
A butterfly
A bird swooping down for food
An alligator chomping
An "x" marks the spot
A pogo stick
A beautiful mountain
A cat running away from a dragon
But it is a cutting device called scissors

See You Later Pen
By Carter
Never again 
See you later 
Alligator hates calculator

By Walker
Walker is awesome!
Walker is cool when you party with him
So come on down to Walker's party!

A Pattern of My Favorites
By Mina
I like asparagus
I don't like swiss cheese
I like mac and cheese
I don't like mushrooms
I like rice and cauliflower

By Avery
Rainbows are colorful
There's so many colors

Thursday, April 5, 2018

First Grade Writers
We finished the nonfiction writing unit this week. The first graders worked on publishing one of their favorite teaching books to share. They worked on finding ways to teach by adding detailed pictures, making comparisons, writing in twin sentences, and providing examples. We shared them with second and third graders and enjoyed reading other books together too. We also made colorful flowers with our buddies to make it feel like spring!


  Kindergarten Readers!